North Carolina Has Spoken: End the War on Girls’ Sports Now

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Transgender Agenda

Young women suffer most from the trans agenda

North Carolinians are sick of biological males invading girls’ sports, and we have the numbers to prove it.

A whopping 76 percent of likely voters agreed that it’s “unfair” for transgender boys to compete in girls’ sports in high school and college, according to a new poll by Steve Cortes’ League of American Workers.

That includes 77 percent of self-identified independents and 56 percent of Democrats, by the way, as well as 94 percent of Republicans. Is this a sign the country is waking up to the Left’s war on women?

For both safety and fairness, our lawmakers must ensure that boys be kept off of girls’ sports teams—but transgenderism is abolishing this critical separation. In North Carolina, a transgender boy was permitted to play on a girls’ volleyball team. He spiked a ball and struck a female opponent who suffered severe head and neck injuries.

Sadly, this violence will continue under trans rule in states that haven’t adopted protective measures like North Carolina Republicans did (despite Gov. Roy Cooper). Across the nation, women continue to be attacked by the trans activist agenda. Yet it wasn’t long ago that women were fighting for the right to participate in sports. There was once a belief that women were too fragile to be athletes—it was thought that participation in sports could be harmful to female reproductive organs. The answer was Title IX legislation, which even with its flaws proved instrumental in opening the door for women to finally be recognized for their athletic talents.

In the 1970s, progress was made because of female athletes like Kathryn Switzer—who became the first female to finish the Boston Marathon—even though the race director tried to remove her from the course during the event for being a woman. Switzer proved that women could safely complete this tough athletic endeavor and paved the way for the large numbers of female marathon competitors seen today.

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Biology Deniers

It’s the trans activists’ perverse dream to erode all the gains women have made toward sports equality, and they’re supported by biology-denying Democrats in their attack on women.

In North Carolina, that means targeting legislation that protects families and women’s sports from being conquered by men.

In an attempt to protect women’s rights, the congressional Republicans passed the Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023 (HR 734) which would prohibit biological males from participating in sports designated for girls. 203 House Democrat political elites—showing how out of touch they are with their own constituents—voted against the bill. The Democrat-controlled Senate then guaranteed the bill’s death by blocking it. Then there’s President Biden, who vowed to veto the pro-women legislation if it reached his desk.

It’s imperative to fight back against this attack on women by getting behind heroes like competitive swimmer Riley Gaines, who’s staunchly defending the rights of women to compete in a fair and safe environment.

God created men and women to be different; the facts of biology cannot be erased. That makes it critical to give girls privacy in locker rooms and their own space to compete. Men are simply built to be physically stronger than women and no amount of estrogen will abolish that innate fact. The world’s fastest male marathoner had an average pace of 4:36, while the best female pace is 5:01. While both times are very impressive, women simply cannot be competitive with men due to the physiological differences in their bodies. While both men and women participate together in marathons, the times are disaggregated, and awards are distributed based upon sex.

If women had to compete directly with men, men would dominate the winner’s podium time and again.

Biden is pushing this attack against women through proposed Title IX “reforms” at the behest of his LGBTQ allies. If these changes are passed that require schools to permit boys to compete in girls’ sports, the equality that women have worked so hard to achieve will be wiped out. The 76 percent of American voters who oppose the radical war against women need to stand up to fight for the next generation of female athletes.

Biden won’t change his mind. The only way to protect your family and daughters is by defeating the Democrats at the ballot box this November.

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