Transgender Activists Had $3.7 Billion in 2021 to Sexualize Your Children

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Transgender Agenda

Don’t buy the media’s narrative that transgender activists are “oppressed.” The money shows otherwise.

The media likes to portray transgender ideologues as plucky heroes in a David versus Goliath battle for civil rights. Reality has it quite the opposite—courageous parents struggling to save their children from perversion get little support from civil society, whereas sex-obsessive activists enjoy the backing of Big Government, Big Business, Big Media, and Big Philanthropy.

We tallied up the finances of nearly 350 advocacy and litigation organizations pushing transgender ideology across the country. Our findings are staggering. In a single year, these groups—all of them tax-exempt nonprofits or PACs created to encourage charity—raked in a stunning $3.73 billion and spent $3.1 billion, $735 million of it in contributions to other (largely LGBT-focused) organizations.

This is the power of the so-called “gay rights” movement flexed to its fullest extent, and no school or family in America is safe.

Swimming in Green

You’d be hard-pressed to find a group on the Left that doesn’t trumpet gay and transgender rights. For clarity’s sake, our list (available here) looks at groups primarily involved in pushing LGBT ideology through lobbying, electioneering, healthcare policy, and litigation, as well as some major transgender surgery providers.

By far the biggest spender at present is the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The national Planned Parenthood group poured out $341 million in 2021. But add up its 70-odd state and regional affiliates, and that figure rises to a stunning $1.1 billion.

Most people (correctly) think of Planned Parenthood as an abortion provider, but in recent years the anti-life giant has transitioned to a new moneymaker: “Gender-affirming” surgeries. The group has boasted that it’s the second-largest provider of hormone therapy in the country. The (often permanent) side effects of these estrogen pills on men are gruesome: Erectile dysfunction, decreased testicular volume (by 25-50%), higher blood pressure, thinning hair, softening of skin, lower muscle mass and strength, migraines, increased cholesterol, and liver damage, as well as higher risks of diabetes, heart disease, blood clots, and gallbladder problems. Sign me up.

The American Medical Association is another lesser-known font of transgender activism, but one armed with a $386 million budget. The 176-year-old organization is today a bastion of leftist ideology, urging physicians to replace “commonly used” medical terms with “equity-focused” alternatives in pursuit of healthcare “justice.” It lobbies for single-payer healthcare and against restrictions on transgender surgeries for both children and adults, arguing that “the majority of transgender and diverse-gender patients report improved mental health and lower rates of suicide after receipt of gender-affirming care.”

In reality, even sympathetic studies show that 40 percent of transgender people have attempted suicide; 80 percent have considered it. In trans-friendly Sweden, where researchers have tracked the results of sex-reassignment surgery for three decades, the suicide rate among patients rose to 20 times that of non-transgender individuals. Self-mutilation isn’t the path to human happiness.

Speaking of self-harm, the Los Angeles LGBT Center—which raked in $149 million in 2021—is the largest gay and transgender service provider in the world, including hormone therapy. It’s also funded by Amazon, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Nordstrom, Toyota, and over $76 million in grants from the federal government. L.A.’s Soros-backed District Attorney, George Gascon, counts a center affiliate among his LGBTQ+ Advisory Board members.

One of the top funders of LGBT advocacy (among other causes) is the NoVo Foundation, the philanthropy of Peter Buffett (son of Warren). As I’ve documented, NoVo is one of the main funders of a $20 million campaign to globalize transgender activism and normalize sex-change operations among children, run by the pass-through Borealis Philanthropy.

The Trevor Project pulled in $51 million in 2021 to advance gay and transgender ideology. That means ending conversion therapy and expanding a “universal adoption” of the Left’s hypersexualized curricula in America’s schools. Don’t think homeschooling or private schools are safe.

In Pennsylvania, the Trevor Project endorsed Democrats’ bill (H.B. 300) to include sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in the state’s employee nondiscrimination law, which Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro signed into law in late April. It’s part of a larger push nationwide to block parents from interfering with activists and schools bent on sexualizing their children with lewd gender ideology. The project backs similar legislation in Congress and across the states.

We should also mention the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, two of the Left’s top litigation nonprofits. Both claim that transgender individuals are under constant threat from normal people, conservative Christians, and Republican lawmakers—inflicting homelessness, poverty, prostitution, physical assault, and homicide. Their solution is “full inclusion” under Title IX of biological males in girls’ sports because, “as courts and scientists overwhelmingly have stated . . . transgender girls and women are girls and women.”

The ACLU is currently suing Texas (Doe v. Abbott) for labeling sex-change operations for minors child abuse. Earlier this month, the ACLU sued Indiana and Tennessee for their bans on youth transgender surgeries (what the organization calls “medically-necessary health care”). And it decried as “bullying children” House Republicans’ recent bill (H.R. 734) prohibiting biological males from participating in girls’ sports.

Mental Illness as “Liberation”

This, of course, is just the tip of iceberg.

The country has learned a lot in the past half-decade about “intersectionality,” the Left’s driving ideology. Like all Marxists, intersectionalists view all human relationships as a historical power-struggle between the Haves and Have-Nots. But whereas the old-line communists saw the battle as one between workers and employers (capitalists), today’s social justice warriors stretch that conflict to racial and sexual lines—white vs. black, male vs. female, gay/transgender vs. straight, etc.

For these ideologues, there’s always an oppressor and the oppressed seeking “liberation” from his captivity. Intersectionality goes a step further and allows activists to cast every policy debate as a social justice issue, from environmental to racial to sexual justice.

They’re certainly right about one thing: One cannot separate transgenderism from the idea of gay marriage, no matter how hard some try to.

When the Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage in the 2015 Obergefell decision, the court was doing vastly more than simply proclaiming “love is love” to your friendly gay neighbor—it jettisoned the country’s once-biblical understanding of human nature.

The offices of husband and wife, rooted in the Bible’s teaching that God joins the one to the other in an unbreakable covenant, were effectively abolished. If a person may be a husband or a wife and establish a union with whomever he chooses on whatever grounds they like, those offices no longer have an intrinsic meaning. Gay “marriage,” in other words, killed genuine marriage altogether and now mockingly wears its dead skin. With it also went humanity’s entire basis for family, society, and civilization (in that order). After 2015, the descent into madness we’re now enduring was inescapable.

Americans must understand that there is no logic stopping this sexual devolution from devolving further into outright anarchy—transgenderism. We cannot and never will live in a world where the insane constellation of imaginary genders is returned to the box but monogamous gay unions remain. The God Who made and upholds the world with all its natural laws has decreed it so from before the beginning of time. This isn’t new; its wisdom dug up from paths trod millennia ago.

The only question is how much damage we’ll inflict upon ourselves before He rights the ship.

Carter Gaskill contributed to this report.

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