U.S. Seized Enough Fentanyl to Kill 65 MILLION Americans—Just in April

by | May 7, 2024 | Open Borders, War on Drugs

…and that’s just the stuff they caught pouring in from Mexico and China

Joe Biden’s borderless America is being flooded with an unbelievable amount of lethal opioids manufactured by Mexican cartels with help from the Chinese Communist Party. It’s even worse than you think.

Restoration News estimates that U.S. law enforcement, from local police all the way up to Customs and Border Patrol, confiscated at least 285 pounds of fentanyl in April 2024 alone. That’s enough to kill a stunning 65 million people, given that just 2 milligrams of the synthetic opioid is enough to kill the average man.

For reference, that’s close to the combined populations of Texas and California.

Even scarier: That’s just the poison that was seized before making its way onto our streets. No ones how much of the illicit drug sneaks past law enforcement each year, but it was enough to kill 112,000 Americans by overdose in 2023.

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From China with Love

This crisis was almost entirely manufactured by America’s number one enemy, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), utilizing Mexican drug cartels’ existing smuggling routes in the United States. But fentanyl smuggling has exploded under this anti-border administration, whose earliest executive orders in 2021 removed the barriers set up by President Donald Trump to stop the carnage.

Famed investigative journalist Peter Schweizer exposes the origin of this epidemic in his recent book, Blood Money. A decade ago, Chinese companies—with the full knowledge and quiet approval of the CCP, which tightly regulates the country’s borders relentlessly hunts drug traffickers within China—began selling the synthetic opioid in America via the dark web and delivering it through the U.S. Postal System using false shipping labels. Selling fentanyl overseas isn’t even a felony in China.

Then Chinese traffickers discovered it was more efficient to sell fentanyl “precursors” to Mexican cartels, including the Sinaloa Cartel run by brutal drug lord El Chapo, which found fentanyl more profitable than cocaine or heroin. These cartels even receive their illegal pill presses and other pharmaceutical equipment from China.

The majority of fentanyl precursors come from China and enter the Pacific port of Manzanillo… whose international terminals are run by a Chinese company. That same port is also the key hub for shipping arms to terror groups worldwide. From there, the same Chinese company operates a rail line to Kansas City, Missouri, with manufacturing stops in northern Mexico operated by thousands of Chinese nationals. From there, Mexican cartels smuggle in huge quantities of fentanyl and other narcotics to distribute across the United States.

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War By Other Means

This pipeline of death has been well known to U.S. authorities for years. So why won’t Joe Biden even comment on it?

Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have met or spoken 4 times since 2021. Biden didn’t raise the issue of fentanyl until Nov. 2023, when the White House reports he blandly discussed “ongoing communication and law enforcement coordination on counternarcotics issues” with the man who leads the country responsible for virtually all of the fentanyl invading our country.

Contrast that with President Trump’s effective pressure campaign to force Xi to declare fentanyl a scheduled narcotic in 2019—something the Obama administration could have, and refused, to do even after the crisis became obvious to them in 2015–16.

Even as Democrats were forcing them out of office in 2020, one of the Trump administration’s final pushes was to aggressively halt Chinese fentanyl smuggling through the Postal Service which allows 3 million uninspected packages to enter the country from China every day. This loophole accounts for perhaps 20,000 deaths per year, according to one estimate.

To date, Joe Biden hasn’t even mentioned the “de minimis” loophole enabling these astonishing imports to happen in plain sight—despite bipartisan efforts from Republicans and Democrats lobbying the Biden administration to act.

He simply doesn’t give a damn.

He doesn’t deserve your vote in November.

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